How to Incorporate More Video into Your Marketing


Video content is a key part of any marketing plan, but knowing how and where to implement videos is the tricky part. If done well, a strong video marketing strategy will increase brand awareness, keep customers engaged and boost SEO. Unfortunately, a sloppy marketing strategy could have the opposite effect. So how do you go about creating a strong marketing plan that will embrace video content and make your brand stand out?

First, let’s go over some of the main benefits to video marketing.

  • Videos provide a lot of information in just a few seconds.
  • Videos are fun and informational.
  • Video content does an excellent job of engaging audiences and holding their attention, increasing click-through rates and open rates.
  • It’s easier to persuade people to do things through video content.
  • You can reach anyone through videos.
  • Videos are the preferred way to learn information for people who don’t like to read

Know Your Audience

Like other forms of content, you don’t need to go heavy on the videos. But you should start thinking about ways you can incorporate more of them into your blog posts, website and email newsletters.

You should also choose a focus for your videos. Will they be funny? Informational? Will they tell a story? Like your images, you should have a clear message for your videos that relate back to the core message of your brand. The videos should also fit the needs of your audience. If you sell a serious product for serious-minded clients, funny and carefree videos may not fit the profile.

Where Can Videos be Included?

Here are some ideas for implementing more video into your content.

  • Feature one in your email newsletter.
  • Embed a short video into your landing page.
  • Include a video in your blog post.
  • Share several videos on your website.
  • Set up a YouTube account for your brand.
  • Consider having accounts on one or two other accounts such as Instagram or Vine.
  • Post short, compelling videos on your social media accounts.

Types of Video Content

There are many different styles of video content, and it pays to get familiar with all of them. Just because you have a unique audience doesn’t mean that your videos should all fit in one lane. While they should consistently represent your brand, they can take on different forms. Below are the different types of videos that are available.

  • Show how to do something
  • Showcase an event
  • Interview employees
  • Film the culture of your workplace
  • Reveal a new product
  • Highlight features of a product
  • Go behind the scenes
  • Feedback from customers

More video = more success. If you want to further discuss your video marketing strategy and how it can be improved, contact the pros at WSI Digital Wave at 912-598-9000.