How to Improve Your Visibility in the Facebook News Feed


Are you tired of working hard to deliver a good Facebook post, only to find that it’s buried in the News Feed? Since Facebook algorithms determine where your post will fall and who will see the updates, it’s a guessing game as to what the algorithms are looking for. But, there are certain trends that social media gurus look for, and we have some of them uncovered. If you want to improve your visibility in the News Feed (which of course you do!), brush up on these helpful tips.

Share Links

Facebook likes links. The latest algorithm prefers posts with one or several links to resourceful web pages. There are different ways to share links, and the best has proven to be a link with text and a preview. This is the default format when you add a link to Facebook, and you have the option of uploading a unique photo.

Talk About Trending Topics

Find trending topics or other real-time news that can relate back to your brand. Facebook is trying to be a better source of real-time news, so adding a post that includes a trending topic will get more visibility. Also, each user’s News Feed is unique, and Facebook tries to pull trending topics that will interest each user. Consider how you might target a particular audience with a certain news topic, or keep things generalized to appeal to a wide audience.

Get Fans and Followers to Interact

The more people interact with your post, the more it will be seen in the News Feed. Plus, a new comment is similar to refreshing the post; something that was posted hours ago could show up at the top of your users’ News Feed when a new comment is made. You don’t want to beg for likes and shares (in fact, Facebook sees this as spammy behavior and will lower your post), but you can ask questions and prompt people to share their feedback or opinions.

Congratulate Someone

Did you know that Facebook places a precedence on posts that are happy and congratulatory? Facebook wants people to feel good when they use the site so that the user experience is positive. Find ways that you can incorporate this into your own social media strategy, such as by congratulating employees for their years of service or celebrating your best customers.

Post Between 8 AM and 9 PM

Most people are active on social media during these times, with peaks right after 9 am, 12 pm and before bed around 9 pm. Saturdays are also popular times for Facebook users. Think about your customers and when they are most likely to be on social media. You can catch stay-at-home parents in the morning or during nap times, whereas college students are most active at night.