3 Blogging Woes and How to Handle Them


Blogging is not as easy as it looks – or as easy as it’s often described in other blog posts. From writer’s block to a lack of comments from your audience, it can sometimes feel like keeping your company blog up and running is a waste of time and energy. Would anyone notice if you didn’t have a blog anyway? Of course. People love to point these kinds of things out.

In all honesty, though, more people care about your blog than you realize. Blogging holds more importance than you realize, too. In fact, an infographic from Noetic Media found these interesting facts about blogging that should restore some of your faith in the process.

  • Blogs are more influential in shaping opinion than Twitter
  • Blogs affect purchase decisions more than Facebook
  • Blogs rank as one of the top five “most trustworthy” sources
  • 33% of users say they read blogs
  • 11% of users read blogs on a daily basis

Let’s take a look at three common blogging woes and how you can handle them. Improving your content marketing strategy is worth it.

#1. Writer’s Block

Writing is one of those skills that comes best when your mind is relaxed and your environment is free of distraction. But when does this ever happen? The best advice is to create a detailed content marketing strategy in advance that includes the titles you want to talk about, plus a reference link. This way, you at least have a title in the works and a reference article to get the creative juices flowing. Sometimes, it’s best to write the blog and review it the next day with a fresh set of eyes. It will take some time to get a calendar together, but doing this at the start of each month will help you in the long run.

#2. Not Enough Subscribers

Trying to get people to subscribe to your blog can be like pulling teeth. The easiest way to encourage people to sign up is by using a pop up subscriber. It may annoy your users. In fact, it may not work at all. But you can try it for a short time and see if your subscriber count goes up. At any rate, make sure that signing up for your blog is easy peasy.

Another way to improve your subscriber count is by sweetening the pot with a free downloadable ebook or special offer. People are more likely to give an email in exchange for something valuable. Also, always be clear and upfront about what the customer will get for signing up, such as the promise of how-to blogs, subscriber-only information and so on.

#3. Silence from Your Audience

It’s even more frustrating when you lack subscribers and voices. It’s understandable that you’re tired of putting out blogs with very few comments and shares, and this can lead you to feel like no one is listening. To help make your blog livelier, recruit guest bloggers, ask questions, respond to comments, post the blogs to social media and cover topics that generate discussion like comparisons, controversy or trending news.

Of course, keep yourself out of the hot seat. There is a balance when it comes to generating a discussion and taking sides with a controversial discussion (politics, religion, etc.) that could rub some customers the wrong way.